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Dear Mr. Kielty,

I would like to express my appreciation for your legal services and assistance during the hardest time in my life, when my husband suddenly died. You helped me through a very stressful time when the last thing I needed was more stress. It was always a great comfort to me to know I could rely on your legal and business judgment, and your professionalism. I was very pleased with the quality, attentiveness and responsiveness of your services. I found you to be very knowledgeable and persistent; I especially valued your attention to detail and ability to stand up for my case. I knew I was in the right place during our first meeting. You are intelligent, hardworking and concerned. You kept me in the loop after each of your communications with the other party, and were very trustworthy. I really appreciate the time and work you put into my case. I admire how passionate you are about your professionalism, your family and the interest of your clients, and I highly recommend you to all who seek justice.


Tamara Shreve

When I first contacted Michael Kielty, I had been in a severe rear end collision on a Los Angeles freeway, where I was hit from behind and my car was totaled. I suffered injury to my back and neck. The first attorney that I saw was not very effective, and only after I hired Michael Kielty was I able to obtain a good settlement for more than four times than the final offer to my prior attorney. Michael Kielty was able to help me through this process, explaining as we proceeded, and keeping me informed. I was very pleased with how Michael Kielty handled the situation, and the outcome of my claim.

Larissa Mordovets

When I first called Michael Kielty I was desperate, as I explained what had happened, and how complicated it all was, which had resulted in me losing more than $45,000 due to a debit card fraud - with a bank that believed that I was somehow responsible for the loss. I had recently been widowed, and was facing many crises and tribulations. Michael listened patiently and then worked to gather all of the necessary information and documentation, to make a claim. After almost six months of hard work, the matter was resolved without the need for litigation or arbitration, and Michael got me all of my money back.

I would think of no other lawyer besides Michael!

Ghean Briones de Maksimow

As a small businessman, I was once involved in a multi-party lawsuit with a large telecom sector, facing terminating sanctions from our Judge for failure to respond. Our attorney abandoned us and threw in the towel. The opposition attorneys were all big name global law firms who were very confident they would easily prevail against a handful of small businessmen. We were seriously out of time, had few resources, and our case was now legally on fire. To make things worse, the consequences for losing this case would have ruined me financially for many years.

In my first meeting with Michael, he listened carefully, and asked a lot of insightful questions. I felt Michael truly understood our condition and our case. He quickly put together a strategy to respond to our most immediate crisis. That effort was successful. As the case proceeded, as our opposition threw everything they had at us, Michael was proactively engaged against a serious crowd of top-notch attorneys, winning step-by-step, methodically and wit-fully. He is unflappable. His calm demeanor and his legal knowledge is comforting and very effective in court. Throughout our case, Michael always explained the process calmly and delivered a stellar legal performance in a field of big money pros. In the end, Michaels effective legal prowess not only protected me against a financial disaster, but led to a very successful outcome. To anyone facing a Goliath, or a legal hurdle, I highly recommend Michael Kielty.


Beau Bennett